any suggestions for learning how to remix songs?

  • 18 May 2016
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Hello all, I'm trying to learn how to remix my own tracks. I'm a singer, and have little technical know-how. I'd love to find people that would be interested in remixing stuff, but I don't know where to begin with that either.

6 replies

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A good forum to discuss mixing is:

Also, if you are new to mixing and recording in general, two places I went to and found helpful when I was starting out are: and

Also, two of the largest forums online for working musicians, which may be of use to help you learn to mix / remix, are:

Mixing and remixing is a skill that takes time to become good at. The more you mix and remix, the better you become, provided you apply what you learn, e.g from places like those which I have suggested above.
I believe FL Studio is what most DJs and remixers use these days, and it's pretty easy to get into. It has a free version that's really good to try out in:
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There is no free version of FL Studio unfortunately - all demo versions from Fruity to Producer and Signature can work with and save projects, but until a license is purchased you will not be able to open saved projects.

The only free DAW's I know of are Tracktion4:
and Studio One Prime:

I cannot comment on Tracktion4, but I use Studio One (Professional). Prime has unlimited audio and midi tracks, but I don't think it allows 3rd party VST hosting. But either of those will get you started. Reaper is the best bang-for-your-buck fully fledged DAW, and it is free to try, but costs only $60 after that.
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Oh yes, and I think Pro Tools First (Avid) is free as well. It has enough plugins (compressors / limiters / eq's / reverbs / delays etc) to get started with remixing. Is limited to 16 audio / 16 instrument / 16 midi tracks.
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Thanks Justin, you rock!
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Thanks Gina 🙂