Anyone else getting bombarded by covid-19 ads on desktop?

  • 18 April 2020
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I’m not trying to sound insensitive or ignorant. What’s going on in the world right now is horrible, and yes everyone should be aware of how serious the whole thing is.

I’m sure there’s plenty of us working from home and have been enjoying listening to SoundCloud in the background while we get work done. However, I’m sure this isn’t just me, but nearly every third song I click play on I get the same 30 second covid-19 ad (this one I’m getting is Canadian based, because I live in Canada).

Again - Of course everyone should know what’s going on. But assuming I’m not the only one experiencing this huge influx of covid-19 ads, none of us are living under a rock. Being forced to listen to the same 30 second ad every three songs is starting to get brutal.


On mobile, I’ve noticed that the amount of ads are normal and they don’t play any covid-19 ones (which seems odd). I just don’t get why the desktop version is packed to the brim with them.

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