Audio broken on SoundCloud for Windows 10 Beta while using headset

  • 8 January 2018
  • 19 replies

Trough my laptop's speakers the sound is fine, but when i try to listen trough my Logitech g430 headphones the music turns into a jumbled mess of loud bass.

i would like to contact the people working on it with this topic to let them know i found something wrong in the beta.

EDIT: i discovered this only happens when i plug in the USB soundcard that came with the g430.

19 replies

if anyone is wondering, this is what it sounds like.
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Hi Derpy Dude,

Hmm, have you installed the most recent drivers for the USB Soundcard? This is currently the only thing I can think of to troubleshoot the issue, apart from restarting your computer, and maybe testing another USB port. Apart from that, I've forwarded this to the relevant team on our end now.

Ok i think i found a little fix about this annoying bug. On EVERY music you want to play from Soundcloud for Windows, you have to set listening device as "Speakers" or "Realtek High Definition Audio" on the volume control panel (volume icon in taskbar) then play the music and set listening device back to your listening device ("Logitech G433 Gaming Headset" or something like that). This can be done only before the play and on every plays.
I'm using Logitech G433 Gaming Headset with USB audio card (and computer's audio card). Using JACK on Soundcloud for Windows didn't make the music noisy. It seem to be a bug with only USB audio card.
I have the same problem with my there is no usb plugs directly in my PC. So i guess it really is a problem with USB Headsets in generell..Maybe the Logitech drivers are broken? Anyway i hope this will be fixed soon i am waiting liek a yrear for this fix...xD
I also have this problem with my G933... (nice one logitech) and your "fix" doesn't works...

Es muy frustrante xd

Please Logitech (or soundcloud) fix this problem :,c
I have this exact same problem with my logitech G430 headset.... so annoying
Please fix this problem.
i have the same problem i´m using th G433 with the audio card
Diagnose and repair the windows problem if that your computer show error it may the reason of your missing ocx file that can not be saved in your computer folder so fix the missing and corrupt file and protect your computers.
Yea same problem with my g933. There is no sound at all but when i connect to my bluetooth speakers everything works fine.
pls fix
Seems like only Logitech headsets have this issue... Hope that SC can find a solution to this.
I have found a solution for the headset g430.
A possible solution to fix the sound "bass effect" is to only plug in the headphone jack directly into the computer, while having the microphone jack plugged into the USB sound card, and then plugging that USB sound card into the computer.

This solves the problem temporarily, while also maintaining the function of both the headphones and microphones.
I am having the same issue with the beta. Audio is fine when playing out my pc's speakers, but audio does not work with my logitech G430 headphones.
Fix: Download and install DFX
i have an astro 50 headset and this happens.... still.... 6 months later...
I have the same problem. How can it possible, that after almost ! ONE YEAR ! therres still no fix from SoundCloud?!
i sitll have the same bug, i can't hear anything! it's impossible they didn't find any solution for this problem!
1 year ago, and no fix!
Gj SC & Logitech
Still the same problem. The app is super good!
Soundcloud, what are you doing?

Headset: Logitech G430 with USB-Adapter

Hey ! No sound goes out while using my G633 plugged on usb