Audio is choppy and distorted through bluetooth headphones

  • 26 March 2019
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i just got new headphones from Skull candy. Im facing an issue while playing sound from soundcloud through these headphones. However im facing this issue only on chrome. I tried the same with safari and the sound quality albeit not the grateast was still audible.

Can some one help?

1 reply

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Hi metafix,

Hmm, sorry to hear that. Is your Chrome browser up to the most recent version? Does this occur with other audio / video services as well? Are you running any third party extensions (Adblock, HTTPS Everywhere, ...), or are you behind a firewall / VPN / proxy server? If so, try disabling these to see if it works then.

Also, re-pairing your headphones after restarting your headphones and computer might help fir a fresh start.

I hope any of this does the trick.