Autoban bot is broken :(

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Dear Soundcloud Management team,

Soundcloud is a user based community, driven by its users. In addition to that there are DJs/Producers, like myself, who, not only pay for a premium membership, but generate traffic to Soundcloud. More traffic = more user engagement = more business for Soundcloud.

Let us assume that Soundcloud cares about their business and longevity of its operations.

One of the major advantages of Soundcloud is the social media aspect, where users can send each other private messages, comment on sets, like and repost.

Now, when the autoban bot of Soundcloud starts punishing users for being engaged, generating more traffic, hence more business, then it appears that a discrepancy has arisen.

It is not the first time that I am being punished for interacting with other users by means of commenting on their podcasts and tracks.

Everyone hates spam
Everyone hates spammers

We understand that sometimes it may appear to be arbitrary where the line between spam and active users lie. However, anno 2018, with AI being sophisticated enough to fool the majority of human beings in thinking they are interacting with an actual human being, one would expect that the Soundcloud Autoban future would be up to speed.

Unfortunately, it appears this is not so. On a variety of occasions I have been banned from commenting for a certain period of time. I consider myself to be quite an active user. In order to show artists appreciation for their hard work, I always comment on the music I listen to, whether those are podcasts or tracks.

Now in a period of a couple of hours per day, I can listen to a listen of music. This means, I have the possibility to comment substantially.

It is discouraging and disrespectful towards its users when Soundcloud Autoban bot bans their users for that which gives Soundcloud its existence and that which generates more traffic to its website.

We would like to request the development team to do diligent research into the features of the Autoban bot and consider changing its algorithm so that users with benevolent intentions, will not be banned on a continuous basis.

It appears that the Autoban Bot has become more rigid lately as some fellow artist and musiclovers have complained about the fact of being banned.

We wish you will consider this topic, so that we can keep on recommending Soundcloud, keep on supporting Soundcloud by getting premium accounts and keep on engaging on a highly active basis. It would be a shame if Soundcloud would end up like Kodak, or many other corporations who have failed to listen to their users because of their humongous size. We would not want to see that happening.

Yours truly,

Deep Filip

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Agree, human user engagement strengthens any platform and creates more relevant data for future development
Full support brother, you (and many other users!) are giving a lot of time to listen, comment & interact with artists so we can share our passion & tips and we must keep that especially for those who interact the most ! Please SC's team, do something !
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Totally, bot should be after robot activity but at the moment it looks that it is broken
Agree & Support ! Do we let now machines control everything on human actions or do we keep the friendly and human atmosphere from the beggining ?
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Another in agreement here.

I'm another example of a hitherto contented soundcloud user.

I fully interact with other members and always use comments to thank folk who leave comments on my tracks. Perhaps that's where I've gone wrong? To me it's just good manners.

I listen/like/comment/repost on the music of others which I've enjoyed.

I am a paying subscriber.

I don't spam anyone,nor have I knowingly contravened terms of use.

I have never had a warning in the years I've used soundcloud.

One would imagine the above type is an ideal member,yet here I am enjoying a 3 day ban with no warning.

Insult to injury is the silence from those who could reply,but refuse.
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+1 !!
Totally agree!
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100% agree.
Totally agree!
I agree %100.
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+1. Where the f**k is the SoundClown moderator? This ain't no support group.
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Add me....blocked for 5 days, no prior warning! No copy and paste from my side! SoundCloud, when have active subscribers become your enemies?
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Hi everyone,

Thank you all for writing on the community and reporting this. Unfortunately, the trust & safety systems constantly require readjustment due to the large amount of spam & fake activity we're seeing on SoundCloud, and it looks like a recent change caused for a number of users to get a block in error. We've reached out to our engineers about this and they've investigated the issue. You should be all set again now.

Thank you for hanging in there & all the best