Autoresume music when bluethoot connected

  • 20 July 2019
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I have this issue that really bothers me. I have soundcloud permanently opened in chrome browser on my Mac. Whenever I connect or disconnect my bluetooth headphones web player starts playing. Or someone calls me on my phone it also start ringing on my macbook and music is resumed and played which is really really annoying. It would be really great to have an option to disable this auto resume feature.

Steps to reproduce:
  • Have a mac and airpods (or some other bluetooth headphones)
  • connect headphones with computer
  • go to web soundcloud and start playing a song
  • then pause it
  • (optional) go to another tab or do whatever you want
  • turn off or disconnect bluetooth device
  • music starts playing
Steps to reproduce (with call):
  • Have a mac and iphone paired (no headphones needed)
  • have a soundcloud web opened on chrome with paused song
  • phone starts ringing - than macbook starts ringing
  • after that soundcloud start playing song
  • so there are 3 things making noise when someone calls you and before I pick up I have to find soundcloud in my tabs and pause it before I pick up.

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