Banned for 6 DAYS?? For liking too many tracks

  • 22 March 2016
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So I've been banned (for what I think is the 5th time) for liking too many tracks on Soundcloud. This is always frustrating because in order to re-order likes on "My Likes" page, you need to un-like & re-like a track to move it to the top. I don't understand why liking a track is an issue, when the reasoning for being banned is something along the lines of "to promote your own track" when all my likes are nothing I've uploaded. Soundcloud definitely needs to change this to make it like YouTube & many other sites where liking a track should have no consequences, no matter the amount or frequency. I've even been banned before for liking all the tracks in ONE ALBUM before. Should anyone really be banned for liking music? That's a bit ridiculous. Also since my ban-time keeps increasing, catching up on liking tracks that are uploaded during that ban-time is impossible & I will most likely be banned again, for a longer period just for trying to catch up....if anything, there should be a re-order button for "My Likes" as to avoid this problem.

3 replies

sorry for you
Also, "My Likes" on the app on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 mini) are different than the ones on the computer site. The computer site is missing a few & is in a different order. The phone "My Likes" is the one I wish it would reflect. See below my phone vs. the computer:

thats retarded