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  • 17 May 2016
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I mainly switch from Spotify to Soundcloud since Soundcloud artists more typically offer longer track lengths. My addiction is EDM sets greater than 35min (at least!) and this accounts for about 85% of my listening.

After choosing to follow my favorite artists, my News Feed is slammed packed jammed with a million 'reshares' which are mostly the artists I like sharing others' music. It's annoying that I can't filter these out since I don't listen to 95% of them. Aside from this, I simply want to be able to sort/filter by track duration. Have both of these features would save me tons of time, and help me find what I'm wanting more quickly.

I'm surprised that this application literally offers almost no filtering, sorting, organizing, categorizing, etc. between Likes and the News Feed. It's nearly to the point where I'm considering paying for Google Music. Please update your application with these basic and expected, modern features.

4 replies

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for your input, I'll pass it on to our product team. Our search offers filtering by track length. Please see this search query for instance.

I'm with Scott on this feature request.

Want to be able to filter my home feed (showing tracks from people I follow) by length of the tracks, as well as to be able to filter only posts (no shares).

I know filtering is available for tracks while using Search. What I'm asking is to implement the filters also for my main feed (of the people I follow only).

Please consider that. Many thanks in advance.
I too would like to be able to filter my 'stream' feed by track length. Came here searching for if it was possible.
Yes i know you can do it in the search, not what i'm after.

It’s literally unbelievable that this is not yet possible.  We must be thousands with gigantic Soundcloud library that are literally unable to search it with something else than words. 

Even just would be nice.