Blocked Likes for 14 Days for Liking 2 SONGS

  • 29 March 2016
  • 2 replies

As soon as my ban lifted less than 3 hours ago, I liked 2 SONGS & got blocked for an additional 14 days!!! Really???? How the heck is this okay????? I recently was blocked for 6 days, with no warning, & now this is getting ridiculous.

During the 6 day like-ban, I made a playlist of songs I would like once the ban was lifted. After liking 2 songs, I was banned again for 14 days. Why is liking such a bad thing? I mean really? YouTube & various other sites don't limits someone's likes/dislikes, no matter the frequency. Also I get no warnings once a limit (be in mind my limit was apparently 2 whole songs , which is not helpful for a 24 hr period) is reached, just banned. I posted my 6 day ban problem, along with my Computer & Phone likes not being in sync with one another, & it was not answered by any "official rep". The post was just archived & ignored by SoundCloud.