[bug?] randomly following channels I never subscribed to

  • 14 April 2017
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In the last 6-12 months it occured 3 times that all of a sudden I was following a channel that I never subscribed to. Every time it was a very active, popular channel. Due to this I suspect this might be a shitty "feature" of soundcloud trying to promote use of the service? Please cut it off, or fix this bug. Thanks!

3 replies

This is a problem that many people are experiencing, including myself.
Every time I visit soundcloud, I have to delete a dozen crappy EDM accounts.
I don't like EDM, it's not why I'm here, I don't want that rubbish in my stream.
It has been reported in this thread:
Supposedly "fixed", but it's clear this problem is persisting without anyone looking to actually fix it.
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Hi there,

Please make sure to check and revoke any connected apps that you don't know. This will make sure you have authorized no other app to add followers.


I don't have any connections and have the exact same problem.