Can soundcloud delete one my of my accounts for me?

Hey guys. I currently have another account than this one, actually was made like 2 years ago for a label and stuff, label didn't go active until now and I even forgot the e-mail associated to this soundcloud account.

I tried recovering info on e-mails provider (gmail), but after trying everything, they say they can't verify it's me.

Thing is, I'll create a new one with a new mail, same name and such and I'd like the old account deleted. Doesn't have any public uploaded content yet.

I was trying to create a ticket about this matter and let the tech support of soundcloud erase the account, but couldn't find it. So here I am.

My old account I'd want to get erased is this one: I'd do it myself, but I can't access to it.

I'll create a new one with same name and profile pic after the old one is erased, I don't want two accounts to appear after browsing on soundcloud.

I hope you guys can help out.


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