Can't connect to SoundCloud at all with home internet

  • 20 October 2018
  • 7 replies

Since yesterday whenever I try to open any SoundCloud web address on my PC or phone, including the app I get a 500 internal server error. Checking with multiple down checking sites said that the problem was just with me. I've narrowed the issue to my home internet because using mobile data to access the site works. The only website I'm having an issue with is SoundCloud and I've noticed no problems anywhere else. I'm in Australia and my service provider is Telstra.

7 replies

Ive been having the same problem. Every device on my home internet connection gets dubbed with that response. I've emptied caches cleared cookies, disabled extensions. Changed browsers, changed devices. Only works on mobile data. But anything direct to my home connection won't work.
I just bought a new Mac for mixing music and this has become a huge setback. Almost pulling my hair out at this point.
Same here. Everything works on my mobile provider, but not on my home ISP. Doesn't matter what device I use - laptop, desktop, mobile phones on wifi. 500 server error.
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that. I just came across this topic and can only assume that these issues were due to temporary outages. If this issue still persists for any of you, please follow the regular troubleshooting steps: restart all devices involved (computer, browser, router, clear your browser cache or try a different browser or private browser window, disable any extensions in your browser).

I truly don't understand this problem. I am having the same issues. My soundcloud will not even log in unless I use mobile data on my phone. Once logged in and I turn off mobile data and turn on my wifi to try to download songs using wifi and it will not download. It of course has the option to download using mobile data but that's not the point. Soundcloud is the only app not recognizing my wifi. All other apps work fine off wifi. I even have a 2nd phone where the soundcloud app will not connect either even though it had worked fine the day before. I am curious if I just wait until tomorrow if it'll work again. Or if I try to use someone else's wifi if it'll work. Has anyone else had soundcloud respond or do they just ignore your service requests?
I am having this same issue. It did this to me six months ago too. Only i can't access Soundcloud via any wifi at home, whether it be the app on my phone, and now my laptop too. What's the point of paying for an app I can't access?
Same problem here. Wtf is going on and can someone help me out plz?
Hey did you figure it out how to fix this problem?