can't get in to soundcloud site

  • 13 October 2016
  • 15 replies

i was updated my macbook to sierra version, when i finish to update i was tryed to get in to soundcloud but the site said that 'safari can't verify the identity of the web site 'soundcloud'
so it dosen't work i can't get in to site

15 replies

same thing is happening to me too
here too, safari on sierra; i cant even post this from my mac (had to login on my phone); & chrome shows a privacy warning & won't let me in at all. ugh!
I'm having the same problem!
Please help us!
I have the same problem ... plz fix this Soundcloud 😕
Eset AV is warning that the SoundCloud site certificate has been revoked and is blocking the site. I am on Windows 10.
still not working, 2 different macs, safari AND chrome
still not working, 2 different macs, safari AND chrome
I'm living in Montreal and ALL my friends that I saw today have exactly the same problem.. Everything was okay yesterday
My soundcloud was working perfectly fine two days ago
Same, but Mozilla Firefox seems to work for me.
here too, works in firefox (but not safari, chrome, or opera). seems some sort of certificate error... that firefox bypasses. whatever it is, hopefully it will get sorted out soon.
Same here. Any response Soundcloud? Y'all charge me monthly for this, please help.
looks like they're working on a fix, got a notice (in firefox) at the bottom of the soundcloud window. so... hopefully soon we're all back in business.
yikes, still not fixed....
and seems to be back. thanx!!