Can't login on Soundcloud on Kodi Krypton

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Still (or again?) getting “invalid_grant“ error when trying to use the plugin 😞
My problem was mainly that few weeks ago I could not "share" Soundcloud tracks from Kodi remote (Yatse) into Kodi to play them.
Replacing CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET solve it for me but the real trick was to find the correct values.

I found that by using web browser dev tools (F12), searching for Soundcloud URL (that is actually blocked but it doesn't matter) and dissecting the secret and ID and following replacing the values in my .kodi/addons/ / worked.

Just copy the URL(marked in red) to a text editor, dissect the values (= and & are the separators), replace them in the script and restart Kodi and Voila!

client_id is the ID
sc_a_id is the secret