Can't sign into soundcloud trough Chrome

I can't sign into my soundcloud using Chrome, I tried using IE, it works fine, I checked the console and whenever I click on the button to login it states :
XMLHttpRequest cannot load[b]MY EMAIL[/b]&re…esponse=&client_id=[b]My Client ID[/b]&app_version=1497446986. Request header field Device-Locale is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response.

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Exactly the same issue here.
I also can't sign into soundcloud , it does not work 😞
After loggin in here, i was logged in on the soundcloud website, too. Maybe, that helps 😃
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Hi there,

Hope everyone's sign in is back to normal? Chances are this was caused by a short outage on our end.

If you still cannot sign in properly, please review this section on our Help Center, from where you can also reach out to our Account Access team if necessary.


I can't login to SoundCloud using Chrome. When clicking on the Google login option, nothing happens.+

I can login with Firefox with no problem at all. I've tried clearing the cache, etc., in Chrome but nothing seems to work.

This has been ongoing for some time and occurs on various computers that I use.

I have the opposite problem. Nothing happens when I click on the continue with Google button under Firefox, but I get right in under Chrome.
Same problem here
Same problem here, using Chrome and Facebook as login.
I haven't been able to log in with Firefox for months.
Use this website to login! In the top right corner!!
I thought I would sign out to see if it helped me with the "can't add to playlists" problem. Now I have this problem. Chrome seems to work but the button does nothing on firefox.