Cant send a reply to a message from someone or send a new message.

  • 5 November 2014
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Hello. People are sending us messages and responses to messages but we can't reply back to them. We need our account fixed. There should be different message settings available for record labels (especially those with major distribution and publishing such as ours) because we receive so many responses and we make many inquiry messages. We can understand the talents being restricted but we've had this account for the longest and have never had an issue until now. Activity on the account has been pretty consistent. Can someone contact us in reference to this situation?

We also notice that your message system has technical issues also. The messages do not send and the user has to click the send button multiple times for it to go through and send. This may come through your system to seem like spam with the same message being sent back to back but that is a system issue and not a user issue if the user has waited minutes and nothing has happened and has even tried changing browsers and removing cookies and logging out and back in with the same issues. That perhaps could be what happened in this instance.

We also notice in the message page that there is not an option to delete a single message and the user is forced to delete the entire conversation instead which should be fixed so that a user can delete a single message instead of the entire conversation.


Zobe Records

5 replies

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Hi Zobe,

We had an outage with messaging for about a 2 hour period. Fix has gone out, are you still experiencing problems with messaging?

The issue seems to be fixed now. Thank you.
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