Changing my account

  • 13 February 2019
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Hi, I have transfered my feed to another service, however I do not want to close my SoundCloud account.
i wanted to know which of the following options are available:
  1. Change my account. I’m planning to start another podcast and would like to use the current SoundCloud account. That would mean a change of name and uploading new audios and deleting the current ones.
  2. keep the podcast I have and just upload new audios ( I do not want to upgrade - I have the 6 hour plan)
  3. cancel my account
thank an you for your advice.

2 replies

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Hi Carolina,

All three options are available. With option 2 though, keep in mind that if you change your SoundCloud account name, this will also be reflected in your RSS feed. Thus, what you could do is remove all previous tracks from your RSS feed and upload and include the new tracks in the feed.

See here to learn how to add (or remove) tracks from your feed:
ok. thanks. I'll look it up