Confirmation email not sending

  • 30 July 2018
  • 9 replies

How come I am not receiving my confirmation email? Pls help.

9 replies

I'm having the same trouble. 😞 Have hit resend a million times. I got my SoundCloud Community email, but not my SoundCloud confirmation email.
Me too, been an hour and nothing received back. not in spam folders and my email works fine. 🤔
Same 😞
Same, for both my personal account and a business account.
I submitted a ticket, maybe give it a try:
Having the same issue. Looks like it is clearly happening across the board today. Any update?
I'm also having the same problem!
same here
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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you've been having issue with this. @Blood Opera Metal - you seem to have managed to confirm your email address in the meantime.

@GarrettD - we're currently investigating a delay in these emails being sent. If you still haven't received the email by now, try and see if for some reason it landed in your spam / junk folder.