Dark Theme on SoundCloud?

  • 13 May 2017
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No, I am not certain they will ever look at this at any point but I think on the app and site there should be a dark theme. I don't know if that's just me but I think I would like SoundCloud a lot better. There is no hate in the site or mobile app at all, I really like both. Anyway if anyone else would like to see a dark theme try to bring this up to everyone to get it like passed or however that works. I like Spotify's dark look and all but, it's still not as good as my old friend SoundCloud. 😉

6 replies

This needed!
Yeah! I was just thinking of that option too, because in the evening I usually set room brightness to a minimum, but maximum atmosphere ;)
Problem is now, that the screen of my laptop on the lowest brightness level is still too bright when I'm diggin through music.
Hop, that more people get up with this idea!
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This would be so cool! especially useful at night, the current white background sometimes hurts my eyes
Yeah i want a dark theme too
Yes please! Me eyes bleeeeeed!