(Desktop Only) Every song gets a "Not available in United States" immediately, cannot listen to anything.

  • 15 July 2017
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This also comes up with the notification saying "This track can’t be played right now. Please try again later.".
Works correctly on mobile. I have Go, which doesn't seem to show up correctly on desktop but does on mobile. The options and tabs telling me to Go Pro are still there, I don't think they were previously but I don't actually remember.
Emptying cache and cookies did nothing, the problem has been persisted for several days. Restarting the browser hasn't done anything. Logging out hasn't done anything.
It cycles through songs constantly once I click on something. It cycles through songs in stations as well endlessly.

1 reply

I'm experiencing this same issue right now. Weird thing is, if I proxy through a server I administrate in Japan, it actually works.

What's going on here??