Does my feed actually have the complete activity of all of my followers in chronological order?

  • 11 February 2017
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I've been wondering if soundcloud's feed is really just a chronological feed of all my followers activity or if it has an algorithm based on which pages' tracks I listen to most frequently like facebook or instagram. I follow over 400 people and want to see what they're all posting and re-posting everyday! Maybe I'm mistaken, but I've gone directly to some peoples' pages who I follow and they'll have posted a track a few days ago and I'll swear that it was not on my feed on that day.

In the event there is some bs algorithm, i call on my programming brothers and sisters for an extension that fixes it.

2 replies

i cant undestand whats going on. i have very strange feed on my PC too.
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Hi there,

Yes, you should actually see all of your followings' posts and reposts. 🙂 Did you notice any tracks that seemed to be on a user's profile (that you followed), yet didn't show up on your Stream?