Emergency!! Desktop site deleted wrong account!!

  • 11 November 2018
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Hi there!

So I’m having a huge issue right now, and I’m desperately hoping someone can help me.

Here are the details:

So I wanted to change a couple things on my profile, so I signed into soundcloud on the DESKTOP with an email I thought was linked to my account: it wasn’t the correct email but it went ahead and created a new account. I put in a username before realizing it wasn’t my correct account. Once I realized the error I wanted to delete the new account so I could use the username I just used on my actual account.

I typed in the help search bar: delete my account. (I was still signed into the incorrect account.) I followed the prompts to delete, and then for some reason my app opened and deleted my actual account!

This is a tragedy as I’ve spent years and years accumulating music, even through an entire library transfer of each individual song to a new account not shared with my ex... took me days to accomplish.

Please please please tell me this can corrected. I have no idea why my actual account was deleted when I wasn’t even signed into it on the desktop site. That is not cool and truly is just not acceptable. I do not want to come off as a brat, but music is my life and I’ve dedicated thousands of hours searching and perfecting my soundcloud playlists.

Here is my original account info that should NOT have been deleted:
Username: Rebecca-amezcua

The account that I was signed into that should have been deleted:
Username: NitroDivine

I appreciate all the help I can get. My heart is totally broken right now, let me know if there’s any hope for me!
Thank you,

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