Error saving track. Quota Sorry, you've exceeded your upload limit.. Please try again.

  • 8 October 2015
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I started to upload 7 wav files together. Eventually, it showed that the first had failed to upload, but I could not save the 6 in the playlist, the only option was to cancel upload and start again. When I did, the message came up, 48 mins left, it had been 72.
Anyway, when it completed there was no indication of a failed upload and I clicked Save. Then, checking this playlist, I noticed that once again, the 1st track had not got through successfuly, but had not been flagged up or blocked the rest of the playlist from being saved and posted!?
Because I do not want to makle the playlist public until it is complete, I tried uploading Track 1independently next, - when I clicked Save, the subject heading came up.
I then split Track 1 into 1a and 1b, in case the file had been too large (37MB) - neither 1a or 1b was uploaded completely and again, each one produced the subject heading when I clicked Save.
So what does it all mean? And why does it relate to Track 1 (when the group was uploading, Track 1completed way before many others had even started)? All the tracks were the same format, same recording device (Smart Voice Recorder) on my Sony Xperia M4. Files had been transferred to my MacBook Pro before uploading

2 replies

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It looks like you total uploads are 180 minutes and some seconds. The extra seconds triggers our system to put you over even though you technically haven't hit the 181minute time mark. To fix this you will need to delete a minute off your account.

Apologies for the confusion caused!
Hi GIna,

How do the quotas work? Do we get a certain amount of space a month or per year? If I use up 3 hours in 1 month, then in the next month do I get another 3 hours, or do I need to delete what first 3 hours?