Feature request: support music with micro transactions

  • 10 August 2016
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I'm a sound cloud user, that just wants to listen to music. I have no time to engage with the website beyond the occasional search. My phone sits on my desk locked, and the music plays. What I am doing though, is hitting that heart button every time a track comes up that I love, and might like to listen to again.

Why can't my hitting that heart button send a few cents to the (verified) publisher/artist? (in a similar vein to Flattr). I'd give some small amount, maybe $5 per month, into an account, and then every time I heart a track, it allocates a percentage of my $5 to that artist. I could specify a maximum per click (i.e. if I only heart a handful of artists in a given month, I don't use up all of my credit for that month.

Example usage: I am listening to music for an hour a day, and I heart two tracks a day. I have hearted 64 tracks that month. Each gets 500c/64 = 7cents per track.

I see some tracks with thousands of hearts. If everyone was participating with similar contributions, that'd be a small, but welcome amount of money they'd otherwise not receive. Because I'm not following links to buy; it's too much of a pain. But I still want to support artists somehow.

2 replies

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that's a good idea... very kind of you!
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Hi ynthrepic,

Thank you for this suggestion. I'll forward to the product team. Much appreciated.