Feed freezing on ads

  • 15 May 2017
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Recently, when playing through my stream or someone's page, Soundcloud gets stuck on an ad. The ad doesn't load, the 15 second timer doesn't count down, and the only way to resume play is to refresh the page. This has started happening after almost every song.

Browser - Chrome 51.0.2704.84 m; Computer - Windows 7 PC

5 replies

Same thing keeps happening to me whenever I stream from my PC... It's been happening for days now. it's really frustrating when you're in a groove working & then the music stops forever & you lose pace & focus because you take the time to try & troubleshoot the problem, get tired of tried & result to constantly refreshing your browser just so music can play again.

Makes me wonder if the pay subscribers are have the very same issue or not.
I have this same problem. I tried the troubleshooting in the link and it didn't solve my problem. I've tried 3 different browsers on my computer: Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer. I have always used Chrome, but this month, the ads always freeze the music stream. As soon as an ad pops up, it is frozen, stuck on the full 30 second ad timer, and I can't continue playing any music without refreshing my browser page. It's very annoying and I've been trying to make due by listening to music on youtube and other websites. I miss listening to my Soundcloud music, please help!
I just tried streaming Soundcloud music on a totally different computer at a completely different address, using both Chrome and Internet Explorer. It still freezes every time an ad pops up. The only fix is refreshing the browser. Anybody else having this problem?
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Hi there,

Hoping this is no longer an issue. If it is, please start by applying our basic troubleshooting steps outlined here:

Thanks & all the best
I gave Soundcloud another try today at the same computer I usually listen on, and using the usual browser. I didn't mess with any settings, internet cache, or anything at all, and Soundcloud is working perfectly. The ads are no longer freezing. I have no idea why it is working today and not last week.