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  • 10 September 2014
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I can login i can select Anny track but when i selected a track i'm not able to play; Do you have the same problem.
Soundcloud should have an email for support... Had to create an account for this. So I have been having issues with soundcloud for the past few months on my desktop. Google chrome Version 59.0.3071.115
Whenever I press play only 3 dots appear and the song never loads...


I don't know why it's happenning, but now I'm constantly expiriencing this issue. I'm using latest version of Opera and my Flash Player is updated. Google Chrome doesn't have this problem, but Opera is my main browser and I want Soundcloud to work properly in it. What can probably causing a problem?
I cant hear any track on soundcloud since yesterday. seconds are going but there is no sound. sometimes i can hear tracks but when i refresh page problem comes back.
I am not able to see any of my stream for the past 2 days. PLEASE LOOK INTO IT! What Is going on?!
I still cant access my stream? Can anyone help me out on that? Thanks.
I'm not able to play any tracks since about 3 weeks now.
All it's doing is buffering. But only when I'm logged in.
When not logged, all is good, but that's not what I'm paying for.
Anybody have a clue on what to do? Thanks!!
Anybody able to help? Thanks
This has been happening to me across computers while logged into desktop as well. Very annoying.
Song won’t play pst 17 seconds was working fine
I have been getting a lot of tracks pausing after 10-20 secs. If I forward in the track it does the same thing.
Anyone know what is going on??
Same issue here with Chrome (Mac)
No matter what i do - empty cache, restart computer, reload soundcloud, track plays for 9 seconds then stops. Has been happening for a week now.
Same. Track plays for 9 seconds and stops. If forwarded by the cursor, plays fewer seconds and stops again. (Playing triangle signal, turns to dots signal). Selecting another song, plays for 9 seconds and stops again. In my Smartphone, soundcloud app plays correctly. Waiting for any suggestions. Thanks.
I'm getting this on nearly every track using my PC. I have to refresh the page to enable play. I note that you had this problem 3 years ago and found a fix. Please can you roll this out again. Thanks.