• 10 January 2019
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  • 51 views ---This page is really fishy. They sell stem files and tracks done by mysterious artists. If you check out their website: ---They feature artists ONE OF THEM WITH THE EXSACT NAME AND LOOK AND STYLE as me, a Toronto born artist.

Each bio says that the artist is trying to keep confidential and it all seems very fishy to me.
I found out about this when a fan messaged me saying that she downloaded my music from this fake fraudulent company and I said that it wasn't my music.

I have tried to speak to SOUNDCLOUD but when I click to report an issue, it says the report page is no longer available.
Can someone please look into this for me. I have emailed the company and a man called Stan is communicating with me saying he will bring up my concerns in a big meeting they will be having.
It all sounds fake fake fake.

Ryan Field

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