Focusrite compatability

  • 3 August 2019
  • 1 reply

Could you guys look into the distortion/downsampling/playback issues with Focusrite interfaces. Any other interface that I own are fine. Traktor S4 fine. Native pc/laptop audio, Fine. Whenever audio comes through my Focusrite 2i4 though, blaaaaaaah. Sounds like shit! I've just come to terms w/ it and haven't used soundcloud on my production pc... well, ever. (this has been goin on for several years) But finally its becoming inconvenient and I thought, "well someone else probably has a focusrite interface and has had the same problem." NOPE. No other support tickets about it. So I figured maybe you guys are unaware of it.

1 reply

Well no one has replied to this from soundcloud or the community, but someone must have seen it and investigated because yesterday I logged on and same as it has always been. Logged on today and the issue is completely gone w/o ever changing anything.