Follower count now going up?

  • 14 November 2015
  • 2 replies

I started my Soundcloud account earlier this year and I've been at the 220 to 224 follower mark for weeks now, even though I'm getting new followers pretty regularly. It seems as though the count on my page is not updating or something like that and I need a solution to this problem pretty urgently. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

2 replies

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Hi Eskahton,

Can you give me a specific example of an account that followed you and then your stat did not count the follow?

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Have you not got the message yet, that the site is not working from all the posts you have received??

There have been tonnes of posts on the same issue, with the standard reply.

There has got to be something Soundcloud can do after all these months, its only letting the site down. Shame.