Follower Count says I'm following more than I am.

  • 18 June 2019
  • 2 replies

I'm only following one person and it says I'm following nine. Can someone help me with this?

2 replies

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This has been a problem with SoundCloud for a while now. It regularly shows an invalid amount of users followed. This could be because of users deleting their accounts, and SoundCloud not updating the numbers. (Like SoundCloud not updating your number of comments when a track gets deleted or set to private).

You can try contacting SoundCloud Support here to see if they can fix the issue. Otherwise, I think this is just an issue we need to wait for SoundCloud to fix, unfortunately.

Sorry! Hopefully this helps.
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Hi there,

I've triggered the follows for both of you to be recalculated. Please give this 24 hours to complete. Unfortunately, @Echo Drone is right - this is an issue that sits in SoundCloud's cache, however fixing this on a per user case does work.