• 12 February 2018
  • 4 replies

Hello, I'm having trouble with followers. is showing that I have 7 but only I have 3 could help me fix this error sorry for the error I'm using google translate

4 replies

I have this same problem. Please fix this error for my account too. The number of accounts following me and the number stated on the tally are not the same. Been like this for weeks.
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Hey there you two - if this was still an issue, it should sorted for both of you within 24 hours from now.
thank you mathis. i forgot to mention: i also have the same issue for the number of tracks that i've "liked", not just the number of "followers". i appreciate you for helping us out.
Hello there, I have the same issue and would love some help with it being fixed please!

It says I follow 5 users but I follow two accounts. Just also not sure if my follower count is the real figure. Just been like this for a month or two and thought it was a small bug.

Thank you so much whenever you get to read, and I appreciate the help.