Followers not growing.

  • 15 May 2017
  • 7 replies

Hi. For around 6 months now my follower count is not growing past 210 or so. I have new followers coming through every month but count is not growing? Any ideas?

7 replies

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your last post was 8 months ago...

and you make music that was popular about 10 years ago
Yeah and I heard trolling is a dying art too...jog on.
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ok smart guy, tell me whens the last time you heard music like yours on the radio
This is the third post that you have posted an unhelpful reply on. Stop it, grow up and go and play in the sand or something.
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ive just told you the reason why youre not getting followers and youre marking me as a "troll" seems like youre the one whos mad here
You are being critical. please find something else to do.
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Hi there Forkboy,

Sorry to hear your follower base has not been growing. I've made sure for your follower count to be recalculated on our backend and to make sure your seeing information on your followers as current as possible.

Please note that while we're showing notifications when you gain followers, we're not doing so when users stop following you, or get deleted, suspended, etc. - this can sometimes cause confusing as it makes it feel as if something was off.

In order to improve your profile & stats, I'd recommend to start here:

The things in the "Power of consistency"-section on that article might be one thing sugihara was trying to point out.

All the best to you