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  • 4 March 2015
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sir, i m a game developer ,i m looking for music for my game,if i download music from your site,can i use it in my game??,the game will auctioned on net.

4 replies

You can download the mod apk games version to do the job easier at the prestigious homepage:

You may downbload atrack if you credit me and tell me what kind of game this is. I also would need to have the possibility to show the game/the link to the on my website.
Regards Jo
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Hi Apoorv,

Thanks for visiting the help forums :)

Best advice, check with the artist first, message them directly then that way you are covering yourself. Simples! :)

@ djaycunningtiger...apart from loving that dj name, big ups for stepping in & offering up some sounds for Apoorv to use :)


You can download my track "Always A Way" on here or "Quiet Storm" on the internet for free. I give you permission to use these songs with your game. Please just insure you credit my artist name djaycunningtiger.