Getting complaints that files won't play for people

  • 10 September 2015
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This has been going on for a while now. I can load and play my files fine, but I constantly get complaints from other people who say my files won't play for them. Sometimes it's files that are embedded in Wordpress. Sometimes it's files on Soundcloud propper. The file appears, but when they press play, it just won't start. They try for a while, and then they just lose patience. What causes them to be so glitchy?

1 reply

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Hi there Murdoch,

Thank you for getting in touch. Sorry to hear that your listeners sometimes cannot listen to your tracks. When this happens, your listeners might have an outdated system, a browser that isn't supported or outdated, or some sort of extension that blocks SoundCloud from fully functioning (such as AdBlock, HTTPS Everywhere etc.).

These are often quite individual cases, and we're always happy to look into those cases and try to help.

If you want me to look into your wordpress setup to see if there is anything that could improve the embeds' "playability", send over the link to your website and I'll take a look for you.

All the best