Hello, Could you please help me with embedding on wordpress? Please see the full details below. Thank you very much for your help!

  • 30 January 2015
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Hello I am having problems trying to embed on Wordpress.

The old players embedded in the past appear fine, but a new player that I have just embedded last night doesn't appear correctly.

I tried to embed using the second or medium option (I am referring to the three options to embed: the large, medium, and small size players):
1. click the share button
2. click the embed tab
3. click the second option from the left (this is what I refer to as medium option)
4. click the wordpress code box
5. copy and paste the code to wordpress

When I embed, it looks like in the following page:

This is not exactly what I would like it to appear - I was looking for a player with picture on the left and white background on the right as shown here (please scroll down the page a little bit to see the players I have embedded):

I have just noticed this problem last night.

As a test, if I re-embed a player that appears correctly on
it will appear incorrectly as in:

Could you please help on how to fix it?

Thank you very much for your help.

9 replies

Hi, I can't speak for Wordpress, even though I have a Wordpress blog, I have only embedded Youtube players and other video players on it, that work fine. I am currently using Wix to promote my music on, and my Soundcloud players look like this:!releases/c61v

What I would suggest is if you're not happy with the players your getting, try embedding a Youtube player. Of course you will need first to make a video which is what I did here:
As you can see you get a nice big image.

I know this doesn't really solve your problem, but it's all I can suggest at the moment.
Twisted Yogi
One more thing, make sure you are clicking the "Wordpress code' button when you retrieve your embed code from Soundcloud. The Wordpress code button is right next to your embed code in the embed window.
And if I have managed to help, perhaps you would also enjoy my music.
Much obliged. :)
Thank you for your notes.. I did press the wordpress code (step 4 listed above)..

I was able to embed in the past, the problem just started 2 days ago.. I can still embed, but it doesn't appear as nice as in the past.. still unsolved..
Maybe best to contact Soundcloud admins in that case. Maybe they are having some issues.
Thank you for your help!
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Hi there,

Mathis here. I'm one of the admins and have just taken a look. Now, Wordpress can sometimes be tricky, but I think I know how this smaller version of our Visual Player falls into place on your website (by the way, thanks so much for providing example websites - this is so helpful to start troubleshooting straight away!).

I am using Chrome. Right clicking on the element in question (in our case, the embed) provide the option to "inspect the element", which will show the source code. I've taken a screenshot of how this looks:

As you can see, there is a parameter that says "visual=true". Changing this into "visual=false" should immediate solve your issue.

Other then that, I'd recommend you to consider our shortcode plugin: Once this is set up, you can choose the type of player you want to be embedded in the plugins settings, and then use a simplified format for the embed: .

Either way, I hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.

P.S.: Please note that plugins are only supported by with your own webspace, not, where you only create an account and start blogging straight away.
Hello Mathis.. great, thanks a lot! I installed the plugin and click the html instead of visual.

Thank you for your help.
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Hello Mathis.. great, thanks a lot! I installed the plugin and click the html instead of visual.

Thank you for your help.

Perfect! Glad I was able to help out with this!

Hello Mathis.. great, thanks a lot! I installed the plugin and click the html instead of visual.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Mathis,

I'm having exactly the same problem as Mangalam on my site

this page is an example

As I can't save Inspect Element changes how do I solve this problem without using the plugin?