Hello, I have noticed that my Playlists are not synced between my mobile app and the desktop site.

On the mobile app, my playlist titled 'Listening.' has 265 tracks whereas the same playlist on the desktop site only has 189 tracks. I am using a Samsung Galaxy s5 Active with all syncing settings on and i am using Google Chrome as my browser. I am logged in on both the site and the app with Google+. I primarily use the mobile app and only occasionally log in on the computer. i have read a few conversations on this forum with similar problems but have not found a solution. I have logged out and back in on both the app and the site and both my phones operating system and soundcloud version are up to date.

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Hi there,

Sorry about the confusion with this. The issue you're describing is currently being investigated by our mobile developers. We're hoping to be able to get a fix out for this soon.

Thanks for your patience and all the best
Hi, its 8 months ago and nothing happend in my opinion. The issue remains.
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Hi, its 8 months ago and nothing happend in my opinion. The issue remains.
Hi Blim_,

The root cause for these syncing issues have varied since this was first reported such a long time ago. We're as concerned as you are, and if we could make this issue go away today, we certainly would.

Rest assured this continues to be investigated by our engineers.
18 OCTober 2016
STILL Not sync.
Likes, soundlist, repost. NOT SYNCED,
If you need some good programmers post an enlist request, there's ton of experts out there but don't let the good website suffer from this saddening issues.


This problem still persists for me, and is frustrating because all my music is on your app.

Can this please be fixed?


I am a Electrical & Computer Engineering student at NC State University and I believe I have found the source of the sync error. Contact me if you have questions resolving.
I've been having this same issue for the past few months. There are some playlists that I created a month+ ago through the website/browser which are still not showing up on the App. Likewise there are songs that I have liked and/or added to playlists through the App a month+ ago which are not reflected when I view the playlists through the website/browser.

Clearing the cache on the App has no effect. Are there any workarounds to force the sync manually?

A year later and this is still a problem 😞 I've had to give up on SoundCloud now. Updating and syncing of the playlist of the device and the browser is an essential feature.
Same problem 2017. I cant listen the songs on my computer.
Almost 2019 and the problem is still there. What might help though, is to go to your playlist on your mobile device and press 'edit playlist'. Then go back to previous page and the tracks are all there.
Yup still persisting in Jan 2019... Also that workaround with editing my playlist does not work
I just had the same problem a few minutes ago. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. When I logged in again the playlist synced. It was a hassle but that's how I got it to work.