• 27 September 2019
  • 1 reply

hey my my song count and follower count is off
Hoping to get this fixed - Thank you!

1 reply

Some of you continue to see a wrong number of followers on their profile. We understand this is frustrating, leads to confusion, and is a concern that we share with you.

Your followers add value to your SoundCloud profile, they are an indicator for how well your music is performing, and whether there is still room for improvement to optimize your profile.

The root cause to the issue is not an easy one to fix unfortunately. We have reported the issue to our engineering team, and we continue to pass on new reports to help them prioritize the many tasks on their end.

The good news is, the SoundCloud Support Team can help fixing the follower count on a case by case basis, we just need to know about it.

Thus, if you're affected by this bug, please let us know in a brief reply here on this topic, and we will make sure to get this sorted for you. Our moderators will look into this topic once a week and sort out those of you who have replied.

Thanks & all the best.