How can a DJ be searched as an "Artist"

  • 22 September 2015
  • 2 replies

Hi Guys, people have started telling me that when they search for me in the "Artist" or "Track" field (ie, Dj M-Ron or djmron) on certain browsers like the Roku app which only allow for a "Track" or "Artist" search, it doesn't produce any results, how can I fix this? Both names are included in my "Tags" & my url is , so what can the problem be? Please help, thank-you.

2 replies

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Hey hey DJ M-Ron,

Hmm, sorry to hear some users had a tough time finding you. I just typed DJ M-Ron into the search field from the Chrome web browser and your profile was actually the very first to come up on the "Everything" filter.

Here's what this looked like:

Any chance you know any specifics from the users who could not seem to find you? (device, mobile / desktop, OS, browser / app, etc..) ?

Thanks for your reply Mathis, it seems that searches are working now, maybe Soundcloud's system needed to update? Or maybe it was choosing the "Everything" filter. If I have any new complaints from listeners, I'll post a new question, thanks again!