How can I as a content creator influence the stream on my "Station"?

  • 26 September 2016
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The new "Station" thing...

At first I didn't like the idea. but now I'm sure this feature could be great.
The problem is that you do (great) things, but you don't do them right.

The following is purely subjective:

"Stations" should be optional for users and Not mandatory. Some people could make great stations with the Soundcloud music library. That being said, I think this is a great idea but there is no control over the stream itself. That too can be fine within some limits.

I was using a different approach to do a similar thing before the introduction of "Stations".
Of course that was not really working properly either (randomize function on my favorite tracks).

I have 1200+ favorite tracks. Now if my "Station" would just play those and maybe my tracks and re-posts that would be quite pleasurable to listen to. I know I would enjoy. I just hope that the randomize function works better this time. I want to hear old music too.

There is so much more that can be done...

4 replies

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Hi Diskonekted,

Thank you for your feedback. I'll be sure to pass this on to the relevant product team. For reference, please see here for our Help Center documentation on how Stations currently work.
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Thanks for the reply. Like I said I don't think Stations are bad but they definitely need work. I would not want to rely on a "related" algorithm a 100% of the time. Keep in mind that Stations are not the best way of discovery. When I scout for tracks I like to be able to quickly skip trough tracks and mark the ones that I like for later listening.
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Hey Mathis, Please be more honest...

Please admit that content creators and listeners have zero ability to influence how stations currently work. What's worse, based on my use of stations, Universal, Warner and Sony licensing agreements must be the reason that requires that all stations are directed towards their catalogs, which means they make more money and the regular content creators who have worked so hard to make Soundcloud great are left out of the loop, which explains why musicians who are not signed to a major label have seen a dramatic decline in listens and discovery in recent months/years.

Every time I try stations, regardless of the style of music I choose for a station, the tracks always slowly circle back to crappy pop music that's licensed by these 3 major labels and it makes the entire feature known as stations unusable if you're focused on listening to independent original music.

The link Mathis provided on how stations work doesn't mention the major labels influence in all of it nor do I think Mathis is authorized to respond about this... So when I ask Mathis to be more honest I do so rhetorically not with the expectation of him replying.
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It's just the way things work unfortunately. I think you nailed it tho. 🙂