How can I sort by date?

  • 29 October 2014
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I used to be able to see everything from an artist and easily find their most recent posts, but now I only get "spotlight." This makes it extremely difficult to find the newest music or even older things I want to listen to again...

7 replies

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Hi Jerad,

Thanks for your question. Hmm, not sure I understand though. The Spotlight feature enables Pro and Pro Unlimited users to pin 5 of their tracks or playlists to the top of their public profile page. After that section, other tracks the user has uploaded or reposted are listed in reverse chronological order.

Is this not the case for a specific profile you're looking at? If so, can you take a screenshot and attach it to your next reply?

Looking forward to hear back from you.

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the question is very easy, in the old version of soundcloud was possible do that.
there are so many pro users that the spotlight is full of that.
sorry for criticism.
should be a filter by date of publish.
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Got it, feel free to make a feature request on our contact form. This is where we take all feedback on new or old features that users would like to see on the site.

Thanks again for taking the time to give us constructive criticism!

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thanks Gina, I already made it.
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thanks Gina, I already made it.

Thanks for doing that!

Many users have been asking for something like this for years, in the current thread and the following (that I have found):

I am posting similar replies in all the above threads.

May I suggest that anyone who still wants this feature submits a request to SoundCloud by email via this link?

I have just done so. This is what I wrote (the limit is 1,000 characters):

I would like an enhancement to sort search results.

Typical usage:
A user searches for music with a specific tag, like this:

The results are sorted in order of Popularity (presumably number of listens).
There is no way to change this sort order.
Furthermore, I understand, some tracks that meet the search criteria are excluded from the results because they are deemed not to be popular enough.

1) It should be possible for the user to sort the search results, at least by date and perhaps by other criteria.
2) Tracks or playlists should not be excluded from search results on grounds of 'unpopularity'.


For me, the most useful order would be posting date (most recent first). That way, I can monitor new tracks that conform to the search criteria.

As users will tend to listen to tracks at the top of the results list first, the order of results sorted by Popularity is likely to be self-perpetuating.
I miss this feature for a long time.
I would like to know what is the latest music from a given genre, but I'm just tired of manually searching results to find the latest music.
I just sent them message (feature request).
If you care, I recommend that you also write to them.