How can we become Premier Partner ?

  • 25 May 2015
  • 1 reply

Hi, dear administrators.
By searching for new tracks on Soundcloud, i've came across a lot of Soundcloud users with the Premier Partner design.
I've searched a bit and apparently, to become a Premier partner, user must reside in United States only.
Still, all the Premier Partners that i came accross were residing in other countries than the US.

As a growing artist, the opportunity of becoming a Premier Partner can offer way more visibility than ever, plus a listener-friendly layout.
So, may I ask, what are the criterias to access this status?
And if possible, is there any way that i can become a Premier Partner too?

I'll leave my e-mail and a link to my soundcloud account here, in hope that we might get in touch

Looking forward for your answer,

1 reply

I agree you should also become a premier member the design for uploading is really nice. I hope they could answer both of our request to join their hard to join premier account. best of luck.