How do I disable that #$%#$% Autoplay

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I totally agree that this stupid, irrelevant autoplay so-called feature should be optionnal, not forced down our throats!!
Get your act together, soundcloud... I will revert to OTHER services and CLOSE my account if you don't! This MAJOR BUG has been adressed for YEARS now!!
Seriously, what the hell is with software developers not including basic features and functions after YEARS of requests from tons of users? Features like OPTIONAL autoplay or chat programs being minimized when starting with Windows? Get on this, people.
So just to clarify: If I don't want Soundcloud to autoplay every time I get into my car and my phone connects to Bluetooth, I need to uninstall Soundcloud and switch to another service?

Okay, if you insist.
I've simply had to uninstall SoundCloud from my devices until this is resolved. It's beyond annoying, it's intrusive and the algorithm is terrible.

For the time being, I'll just find whatever SoundCloud tracks are cross-posted over to YouTube and urge the creators I follow to move more of their content over there.
This "feature" is exremely annoying. Everytime chrome restarts, at some random point of time long after, sometime in the next day, it will start playing some random guff on its own. It will take a lot of time trying to track down what tab of SoundCloud is open and doing this. The tab is almost always just another user's profile page, and the selection its playing is universally completely unrelated to anything with the open page or anything I have ever intentionally listened to.
Just bumping this. It's completely illogical for SoundCloud to force autoplay on its users. Very few people want it, it doesn't work well, and there are litterally no other music streaming services that don't have the option to disable it. This issue was brought up over a year ago and it's frankly pathetic that the SoundCloud dev team hasn't fixed it. Please fix this, if only to save face.
So how hard can it be to get the autoplay optional on the website? It's already optional in the iPhone app fer crying out loud. Just do it. Jeez.
I was gonna pay for a pro account but gave up on this site because of the compulsory autoplay. It's nasty tactics from the Soundcloud team to continue with this horribly-irritating feature.

In time, this site will go the way of and myspace. Real shame.
Hey BlkCruelt,

Sorry to hear you're not enjoying the continuous play feature. The intention of the feature is to allow you to explore SoundCloud while continuously listening to sounds from your Stream. Please rest assured that the tracks that play will relate to tracks on your Stream and your 'Likes', they won't be totally random. It currently is not possible to disable this.

This whole thing that you call a "platform" is just one piece of crap, I am happy thay it didn't make me put money in it, because it's user interface is just annoying, I'm wasting my time to write this letter of disappointment because i've invested time in uploading my songs, but when ever I want to do something on soundcloud I read "sorry this is not possible but you can do these thousands of workaround steps to get a similar result". Amateur app designers and coders.
Amateur app designers and coders.

If you know any masterclass level keyboard pushers—SC is hiring designers|software engineers 😉 They can apply here --->

Also, announced recently one of the co-founders, Wahlforss, is now Chief Product Officer, leading strategy around product initiatives that will launch later this year—ping him on twitter 😉.

I'm really excited about @artemf joining as our new CTO. I'm officially putting the product hat on and will be flipping my title to CPO!— Eric Wahlforss (@ericw) January 12, 2017
Looks like you're loosing some business because of a silly lack of user control.
I'm on the same band wagon, really annoying auto play.

+1 for ability to turn off
Autoplay can be very bad for the catharsis of the therapeutic process, which many go through, sharing their music online. All of a sudden, strange, dislike and unwanted music is being played. This about the only bad thing in SoundCloud (in my opinion). If you trust and facilitate the users' own exploration, you might find an increase in both popularity and catharsis.

Best wishes,
Just signed up, eager to contribute - WHOOPS forced autoplay? You just guaranteed I will not spend a dime on this service and will start looking for a more suitable alternative that doesn't treat their users like idiots.

Stop whoring your users for stats; this is unbelievably annoying. Is anyone surprised at the financial troubles this team has given they make these kinds of decisions?
Just wow.
Did this feature get disabled? Ive noticed I've had to disrupt my workflow and open the Soundcloud tab just to get the next song to play
I totally agree that there needs to be an option to disable this. The auto-play "feature" now plays the same over-modulated song that is not related to my material after every one of my songs. I have given up on hosting new material here and will host it on my own web server going forward rather than paying to host more content here. That is how intrusive this is. Do yourselves a favor and add an option to turn auto-play off, just as YouTube has done for their service. I guarantee that for every one of us on this thread that are complaining there are a hundred more users that are just as bothered by this, many of which will likely move to another service. And understand that we are taking the time to voice our grievance because we like(d) this service. Please fix this!
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This isn't a feature. It's a pre-determined bug.
I can understand the post earlier about it being difficult to add a feature to pause the autoplay, for commercial reasons or development reasons. I think it's a good feature overall, but it's irritating if I want to only listen to one song and then not have to pause afterward. But i can just switch to using something else so i don't feel strongly about it. It's not like i'm paying for the service 😛
yea this is really annoying! please allow disabling the autoplay feature
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You can try our alternative (unofficial) SoundCloud player where you have the option to play only one track
I had at one point set my sound cloud so that I would not be shoved into another audio once the once I was listening to finish. That seems to have been unset. Please help.

Sentiment: pissed

They've added the feature to disable auto play for iOS, but not Android, which I currently use. Why haven't you added it for Android? It makes no sense. It seems you're catering towards your iOS users more than the Android users. 😠
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This is still happening on the website version, PLEASE REMOVE THIS P.O.S. FEATURE!
everything I have liked may not be acceptable for all audiences. I am now very limited in when and where I can listen to a sound cloud link because I really don't know what might start playing at full volume next. I have been told by friends on facebook that they don't click on soundcloud links that I may post for just this reason. I can't tell you how much I dislike this "feature"
Why is Soundcloud so stubbornly ignoring this issue? Where possible, when someone gives me a soundcloud link, I'll see if I can find the same song on another service that starts with an S - a service which allows me to choose whether I want auto-play on or off. Trust me, if I want to be fed new music, I'll ask for it.

I cannot tell you how much I fucking hate "Your Woman (White Town Cover) - GYM" that ALWAYS auto-plays after my like list ends. I do not want that song to play now or ever. If I could stop auto-play, my problem would be solved. And the argument that auto-play helps listeners discover new music is bs. Every time my little like list ends, this fucking song plays next. I've heard it, I hate it, and I never want to hear it again. If I could block a song, I would. Or I could just disable auto-play... oh wait, no I can't because I'm not allowed to.

Eric Wahlforss, if you're still there, why do you hate your users? You can have auto-play on by default, but give us a choice to disable it. I know it's within your technical abilities...:@
Yikes, when I first encountered this thread that started over a year ago, I thought "surely Soundcloud has fixed this egregious problem by now", but nope. Not being able to turn autoplay off makes it embarrassingly inconvenient and crappy. Also, potentially speaker and ear damaging if the next song is quite loud. Just have a big obvious button so people know how to turn it back on if they really want this feature - you don't have to hide the option inside preferences.
I'd also like to add my name to the list of people requesting a way to prevent autoplay.

I'll be looking for an alternative platform.