How do I disable that #$%#$% Autoplay

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dudes just share your stuff on clyp .it and use soundcloud as a link to your profile...

I am fed up with Soundcloud bs.

This "feature" has been requested 2 years ago! to write a code for it is MAX half an hour..... they just messing with u ppl.
Hey BlkCruelt,

Sorry to hear you're not enjoying the continuous play feature. The intention of the feature is to allow you to explore SoundCloud while continuously listening to sounds from your Stream. Please rest assured that the tracks that play will relate to tracks on your Stream and your 'Likes', they won't be totally random. It currently is not possible to disable this.

This is a lie. The music that is played in NOT related in any way. Upload a Christian song and tag it and the music that comes after it is ALWAYS the same songs, and they have dirty mouths. Very offensive language. Give me a break!. I just signed up and I am already ready to leave. This is why you are failing.
Please disable autoplay, dont become facebook and other b//sh// that force to see what they want
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Disable autoplay nextup station right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try this:

1. Press ‘q’ to bring up the “Next up” list.
2. Click the “Clear” button.
3. Turn off the “Autoplay station” control.
4. Press the X control to close the list.

This will do it, but only temporarily. If you refresh, or even click to a new track, the “Next up” list refreshes as well and you’ll need to go through the steps again.
WTF??? Came here from YouTube because I thought this is a music people platform. Crappy autoplay is like mainstream bullshit radio playing music for people who just want some fluffy background noise and not music.

Also thought about upgrading in support of the hard working artists. Autoplay is no hard work :(

Will switch to somewhere else.... and stay with Spotify
This "feature" effing blows chunks.
The idea that a feature that force-feeds you stuff, and that even if you turn it off switches itself back on again, can be 'to allow you to explore SoundCloud' is totally wrong-headed. It is annoying beyond description.
It seems that if the auto play can't be disabled, youtube might be a better platform to upload songs. Youtube does have the option to disable auto play.
Ok, this does it for me, I never had a problem with this on the desktop as it just kept playing songs from the same artist as I were listening to.
Recently it start playing random bullshit that does not interest me at all- and initially I noticed this on the android client, but now I see it's the same for the desktop.

So after about 5 years as a paying member I decided to move else where and terminate soundcloud subscription, this is absolute bullshit.
Soundlcoud this is extremely simple

Everyone is happy to listen to the additional artists you suggest*

IT MUST BE CONSENSUAL. If it isn't then people are not happy. Many of them in fact will be angry

Many many more than you will be aware of or who ever came to visit this thread

This is such utterly basic human nature that it hurts the brain to try and comprehend your reasoning.

You are actually humans, right? Or you've at least met some? Does your CTO have a brain-slug? Has he been drooling a lot lately?

Joking aside, whose benefit do you imagine such a half-arsed policy is in aid of? Yours? HOW? Think it through, goddammit.

* n.b. it helps if the algorithm is passable. Yours isn't. It sucks hairy donkey balls
Heres my 2 cent.

TURN IT $-@&@&&$+$+$ OFF!!!!!!!!!

Asurd to not be able to do that. Worst f feature on soundcloud. I have NEVER been recommended music i enjoyed. F this.
Autoplay should be a setting like playback quality. On or Off by default. I would have it off as a general rule. Station is a far better function for this. The Autoplay is only a station function of the last song played anyhow. To redundant.
Autoplay should be a setting like playback quality. On or Off by default. I would have it off as a general rule. Station is a far better function for this. The Autoplay is only a station function of the last song played anyhow. To redundant.

in ios you can turn it off in Library>overflow>settings>autoreplay related tracks>off

This feature needs to be killed or optional. It ruins my whole experience of listening to Soundcloud. I dont "#%"%"#%"%& wanna listen to Lil tecca all the #%"#%"%" TIME.

%%"#%"#%#% you soundcloud.
It is a great feature for artist that people dont wanna listen to to get their statistics up. A perfect way to saturate the market.

Me frustrated? Yes, a bit.

As soon as I start a new song, autoplay is back on. It is one of the worst features Ive ever experienced in an app.

This is on the level as when Spotify dont let you play your downloaded tracks. Retarded logics.

Heres some of the people with the same thoughts:

And this is just some of the threads.

WHEN IS SOMETHINGS GOING TO HAPPEN!?!?!?!?!? I Will add links when I get my next frustration about this.

Plenty of people ending their subscriptions over this. Yeah, great feature soundcloud.
Another thead showing that sc dont care anymore.

I find it funny and a little ironic that SoundCloud is utterly deaf when it comes to this issue and how much we all DESPISE it. The next song that comes up always makes me want to hurl.