How do I disable the IDIOTIC, INFURIATING autoplay?

  • 19 January 2017
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I see threads from a year ago with dozens and dozens of users begging for this. After all this time, is there still no fix? It's absolutely maddening!

68 replies

I created a userscript that automatically disables autoplay while the site is open, check it out.
This is for the desktop site.

To run the script, you can install Tampermonkey here

Please report any issues you have on the greasyfork page, thx.
I solved the problem on Android.
Just disable permission for use background data for SoundCloud app only.
On my device (huawei): Settings/Apps/Soundcloud/Data usage/Background data/off 😉
Wow. This convinced me to logout and uninstall. Thanks.
oh shit, you're right, that thing is switching itself ON again 8O
that shit is hidden here:

but i do agree autoplay on SHOULD NOT be default option. to find this was amazing pain in the ass.

That's easy to find and get to, but just turns it off for that play. The complaint is for being able to turn off the default, which is in turn completely ridiculous and a spit in the face for paying users
that shit is hidden here:

but i do agree autoplay on SHOULD NOT be default option. to find this was amazing pain in the ass.
I put my first created track on SoundCloud today, just so I could share it with friends via the link. I had hopes of building up a whole collection of my tracks for friends to explore and was going to look at joining Pro for tracking statistics. But I'm now finding veryone who clicks on my short 2-minute demo track today is then getting some unrelated 30-40 minute track (not mine) automatically played afterward. I'm not even sure they'll know which part was mine. Seems like an impossible way to share your creations. Guess I have to figure out another way.
Welp, add me to the list of people that refrained from using SC for years, then downloaded it, only to be turned off (ha!) by this feature. Deleting my account asap. It was nice while it lasted.
"Autoplay leads to more songs being played"
But it always goes to the same song 😫
I used to use a soundcloud playlist while streaming on Lots of artists who released their music under licences allowing it to be broadcast on services like twitch without fear of copyright strikes silencing VOD replays used Soundcloud as a repository for that music. I deleted that playlist in the end because without the option to disable autoplay I'd end up with my VODs getting silenced anyway, because the playlist would finish and begin playing "related" tracks. I'd much prefer to curate a personalised playlist of free music on Soundcloud (where there's a much wider selection) than use Twitch's safe Spotify playlists, but until the option to disable autoplay as an account-wide RULE is implemented I have no real choice.
I just signed up to quickly mention that I've been actively avoiding using soundcloud for literally years now because of this "feature."
And looking at how many people are complaining here alone, I can't be the only one.

So there you have it: You're actively losing potential customers to this bullshit.

Same here. I only started again today because it's such an efficient way to privately share a demo song with someone and I'm already on the verge of deleting my account again. What gives?
A while ago I made a simple Firefox plugin that disables autoplay. Recently I realized it's been patched. I probably could figure another way to disable autoplay and re-release it, but why bother? According to my plugin has a total of ~50 users (incl. myself). I doubt 50 people not using autoplay affects the revenue in any way. Still, they took their time and patched it, instead of adding the option, which should already be there by default.

How do I know they actually patched it on purpose? As soon as you disable autoplay with the plugin you can no longer pause songs. A paused player starts playing by itself and after the song ends it starts a new one. Obviously, that wasn't the case when I released the plugin.

So instead of asking... no... BEGGING... for a simple thing like this for years I suggest you to simply switch services. I didn't use Soundcloud that much in the past and I certainly won't be using it from now on.

PS: This message will probably be deleted.
Why not? For at least a year (and probably longer), user after user has begged you to simply give us the option to disable autoplay. What would be the downside of implementing the option?

Perhaps because they're in it for the love of money--not for the love of music. Not only is impossible to turn off autoplay, Soundcloud also plays the same track every time I play a particular playlist. How's that for exploring new music?
i think the best way to solve this, is to just put the song in a playlist by itself then it doesn’t change tracks. But I noticed In the settings there is an option called ‘auto play related tracks’ even when turned off still autoplays related tracks! Useless soundcloud...
Soundcloud, please listen, and change this. It's universally seen as terrible UX
The only reason they impose the autoplay feature is so that it generates more plays by random users who otherwise would not have listened to your track.

In doing this it inflates the daily play stats for SC and the users that have had the plays. All in all it makes SC and the user appear more popular than in reality they are.

You may then in turn receive a play from a user who thinks you like their track but in fact you couldnt care less.

That is the house of cards on which SC has been built
I literally only use soundcloud for MY OWN music.. to upload and to share with friends. yet for some stupid fucking reason it has to autoplay to some other bullshit that i don't want to hear and that isn't mine.. Soundcloud devs, You all really need to change this shit.. I do Not want a 'station' feature on my page, i do Not want a 'next up' autoplay bullshit list.. i only want it for personal use and i dont give 2 shits about 'finding new music'.... its also incredibly annoying for anyone i share my tracks to, as they report to me they can't listen to all my songs because it derailed and detoured to some other damn artist... this is an absolutely terrible setup and yall need to get your heads out your asses and listen to the community
i switched to and much much better players!!!!
sound is better and run smoother
Seeing how long it's taking them to realize this feature should be turned off by default, I'm really having an increasingly hard time staying loyal to Soundcloud. Fix it, please. Just this one thing.
There's definitely a nazi mentality at soundcloud.
I have a set of kids songcards with QR codes for the melody that link to SC. So screw you for forced autoplay, from an instrumental lullaby to whatever idiotic prediction you serve my kid at bedtime.


PS! Your predictions are plain wrong anyways, why keep it up?
every few months i upload a track, click around the site, then leave disappointed. and i'm sure it's one single dumbass in the organization that's holding up this site from being something truly great
Not having this fixed (i.e. configurable as an option in account settings) really sucks.
Firefox users can try this:
Fucking horrible. I thought i was doing something wrong, but no, it is a bug that is actually a "feature". I got so pissed off today with that autoplay thing that I'm considering to send this web to hell. This is very annnoying, especially if you don't like the next song. Really annoying.