How is SoundCloud still around when it's literally riddled with bug?

  • 14 April 2020
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I’m being dead honest, this service is ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS.

Here’s a nice list of what’s wrong with this shitty service:

  • Constant random bugs that are too insignificant to note
  • Shuffle button completely broken, does not actually shuffle but the loaded songs. As a developer this leads me to believe the shuffle function takes place in the front end. Absolute fucking L M A O, so no way to circumvent, through that fix ever happening.
  • API has been down and “under maintenance” for ever, over like two or three years. Lemme guess, too stupid to figure how to fix it?
  • Mobile is constantly bugging with not playing a song, until I force reset
  • Mobile is constantly bugging while on shuffle displaying “track not streamable”, and will make me press next. How about just take the unplayable tracks out? I can’t unlike them or even find out what song it is. If it even is a song, probably just the shitty shuffle feature bugging again
  • Lack of bug fixes
  • Lack of communication / cherry picking answers because even you guys don’t know what the fuck is ever going on
  • Multiple unanswered threads about the API and when it will be back. Why don’t you guys just take it down? Oh yeah, too dumb.

Your literal development team is absolute hot garbage college dropouts and it’s no wonder all of you working at SoundCloud almost lost your jobs. Because this app has literally been in the same state, bugs and all for the last 6 years. Get a grip, fire every single developer and hire a whole new roaster because, as a personal one man dev army, I literally put all of those college dropouts to shame, combined. It’s absolutely fucking disgusting.


95% of people who use SoundCloud, use SoundCloud for the content on it, not SoundCloud itself. There’s absolutely no value in actually using SoundCloud as a listener, you actually lose value if you don't use any other streaming service other than SoundCloud.


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