How is "who to follow" populated?

  • 15 December 2016
  • 1 reply

I know that sometimes the who to follow slots are filled with sponsored accounts, and that's fine. But how are the non-sponsored accounts determined to be someone I should follow?

Generally I have so many posts on my stream that I don't need to look into other, unknown accounts for new music. It's also a time consuming process to determine whether I want to follow an account or not. I have to look at their stream and listen to a few songs to make sure that their taste is similar to mine.

If I knew a bit more about the who to follow feature, I could possibly trust the recommendations better. But since there's no explanation anywhere of how these accounts are chosen, I don't use the who to follow for account discovery.

Is there any description of how these recommendations are generated? I am looking for specifics. Thanks!

1 reply