How to add Facebook friend

  • 29 July 2017
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This has been raised 100 times and still no answer

3 replies

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Hi Kirill,

Sorry about any confusion around this. Unfortunately, this is not a feature that we provide at this time. This used to be the case, however we weren't able to continue to provide this feature in the current versions of our app. I will be sure to provide your feedback to the relevant team.

What I'd recommend to you is to post your SoundCloud profile on your Facebook timeline so your friends can see it there.

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Thanks for reply, do you know why this feature was removed? It is extremely valuable and so many people complained already.

BTW, you mentioned "app" in you reply; pretty sure you are talking about all apps, but I just want to highlight that this does not work in mobile app nor on my desktop PC.
Spend an hour trying to find this option, because I could not believe it's not there. Basic feature if you ask me.