How to categorize my Like page sounds? I liked pod casts and other sounds, but I want to listen to music only in the like playlist!

  • 4 June 2015
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Some of you might say "make a playlist". Do you know how much time it takes to make a playlist? It takes like 8 clicks to setup a playlist and a dozen more to add all the songs manually to the list. In contrast, I already have all my good songs in my like page; mixed with a few other things like podcasts. I would really like a way to categorise my like page so next time when I'm listening to my jam, the next song won't be a podcast or something.

1 reply

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i guess the question is... is 8 clicks plus maybe a dozen more worth it to you in the end so the next song wont be a 'podcast or something' ?

there currently isnt a way to categorize them using the soundcloud website... though this is posible using the HTTP API.