How to filter out albums not available in my country in the web app?

  • 4 September 2017
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Hey guys

I was browsing the profile of the artist Moby to find a specific album that is available through Soundcloud Go:

The album I was looking for is available in my country, which is great!

Unfortunately, I had to scroll through a very long lists of releases of this artist, that are not available in my country.

How about a filter in the view, with a button saying: "Dont display stuff not available here right now".

Currently, I'm afraid a lot of people would not botter scroll down and figure Moby's most popular albums are available in Germany with SC Go, they would just see the 20 releases on top of the scrollpane that are not available here, and maybe even leave thinking Go subscription isn't worth it?

I really hope you guys can make sure to display popular and available albums on top, to really show how much content is there!

Let me know what you think! :)

Peace & love

1 reply

One idea how it could maybe be improved: Just display only the available stuff by default. If there is a substantial amount of stuff available elsewhere but not in my country, place a button at the end of the scroll-pane "display content not available in my location right now".