I can't find the recording page/button

Someone told me to record a track using the soundcloud on computer. I saw on youtube that should be a button for recording, on the same page, where is the upload button.

I subscribed for the basic plan and I didn't see that recording button, so I upgraded to pro plan, but still I don't see that recording button on upload page.

Is that record button on a diff page or they removed that feature for good, from soundcloud?

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I found why, so I don't need soundcloud anymore.

Tiffany Conroy SoundCloud employee:
I would like to share some news with you. The feature to record inside your web browser was built over 7 years ago with Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is soon to be deprecated, and it no longer makes sense to continue offering the existing feature as is. Thus, we’re removing the option to record inside the web browser.
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Hi @Kido Guitar,

If you have an iOS device, AudioCopy might come in handy for you. On your desktop, I'd recommend using an audio editor such as Audacity (it is freeware) to record your track, export to .wav or .mp3, then upload via the Upload button.

If you no longer wish to stay on the upgraded Pro plan, you can cancel your subscription. If this was your first upgrade and you're in the 30 day trial period, a refund will be processed automatically. Here's how you can cancel:

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